Monday, September 28, 2009

Sell, Trade, Give Away, Swap What you Got!

This blog is meant to serve as the "Classified Pages" for the Hardy & Nance Street Studios. Any and all artists-in-residence are invited to Email a description and or pic of just about anything you want to buy, sell, trade, exchange or otherwise swap and I will post it here, free of charge. Art equipment, paint, supplies, photo gear, that cool old toaster your aunt threw out, puppies, kittens, monitor lizards, just about anything that isn't illegal or on Homeland Securities' watch list is OK here.

Send your description, pix, terms and contact info


HON DESK - $25 Bucks
It is the one in the gallery Area. Great shape with really smooth glides in the drawers. Contact Donald @ 713.702.9932

SOLD!10 Sq. Yards of Carpet Tiles - $75.00 - Very high quality 18"x18" commercial carpet tiles in a grayish/green. Lay'em down without adhesive, pick'em back up later. Contact Donald @ 713.702.9932

SOLD!Killer Art Deco Bar Decanters - $125 for the pair - Period art deco set in near perfect chips or nicks. Hand ground stoppers. Gold lettering and trim. My bar collection is overflowing. Contact Donald @ 713.702.9932